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The publishing house Verso l’Arte Edizioni was founded in 1990 in Rome, where it still maintains one of its offices, with a strong orientation (as the name itself suggests) towards art and contemporary culture, supporting a timely – yet pleasantly usable – popularisation.

It can boast the publication of numerous books, including monographs, collected in specific series that characterize their very nature.

In particular, the subjects treated are mainly artistic movements and avant-gardes of the last half century, including through their own protagonists, with  photographs of artworks, documenting exhibition activities held at public Institutions and Museums, both in Italy and abroad, with essays by prominent art critics and complete with comprehensive illustrations; studies and insights into sociology in general and sociology in relation to art, music, etc.; books often created in collaboration with Italian or foreign Universities, containing in-depth analyzes and studies on scholars and intellectuals – especially of the past – and reprint of works now unavailable of ancient authors; historical studies along with the results of recent research; general catalogues of contemporary artists and art books including collections of photographs of monumental works; cookbooks related to art; children’s books; music CDs. Verso l’Arte pays special attention to the authors of the texts and always instructs a person who has the specific knowledge required in relation to the subject to be treated, so that each book becomes not only an information tool but also a valuable educational and popularisation instrument.

Verso l’Arte Edizioni also operates in the information industry, publishing both printed and online newspapers with national circulation. In addition to the direct supervision of its own information bodies, it can deal with the setting up of new ones, structuring and launching them, and placing them firmly in the area of interest of the Client.